Median Sales Price in Big Bear City


1 yr 5 yr Max
Big Bear City median sales prices
Number of sold homes in Big Bear City
No. BedroomsApr – Jul ’14y-o-y3 months prior1 year prior5 years prior
1 bedroom$102,000+13.3%$90,500$90,000$103,000
2 bedrooms$139,750+23.7%$133,750$113,000$117,000
3 bedrooms$222,500+15.0%$236,000$193,500$230,000
4 bedrooms$312,500+52.4%$232,500$205,000$305,500
All properties$165,000+23.8%$145,000$133,250$157,500

Summary for Big Bear City

The median sales price for homes in Big Bear City CA for Apr 14 to Jul 14 was $165,000. This represents an increase of 13.8%, or $20,000, compared to the prior quarter and an increase of 23.8% compared to the prior year. Sales prices have appreciated 4.8% over the last 5 years in Big Bear City. The average listing price for Big Bear City homes for sale on Trulia was $254,943 for the week ending Jul 09, which represents a decline of 0.5%, or $1,217, compared to the prior week and a decline of 0.8%, or $2,184, compared to the week ending Jun 18. Average price per square foot for Big Bear City CA was $156, an increase of 20.9% compared to the same period last year.

Average Listing Price in Big Bear City


Big Bear City average property price
Big Bear City – number of properties
No. BedroomsWeek ending
Jul 9
w-o-wWeek ending
Jul 2
Week ending
Jun 25
Week ending
Jun 18
1 bedroom$124,305+1.0%$123,105$119,239$124,043
2 bedrooms$154,027+0.2%$153,695$155,118$154,253
3 bedrooms$275,980-1.2%$279,373$285,802$271,451
4 bedrooms$479,965+1.4%$473,179$485,677$527,361
All properties$254,943-0.5%$256,160$255,811$257,127

Average Price Per Sqft. for Homes in Big Bear City


1 yr 5 yr Max
Big Bear City average price per square foot
No. BedroomsApr – Jul ’14y-o-y3 months prior1 year prior5 years prior
1 bedroom$173+32.1%$164$131$153
2 bedrooms$153+15.9%$147$132$132
3 bedrooms$151+18.0%$161$128$156
4 bedrooms$160+41.6%$129$113$142
All properties$156+20.9%$152$129$142


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