Big Bear Real Estate April 2022 Big Bear Real Estate Stats/Memorial Day weekend Drone Light Show & Free Concerts Below are last month’s single family residence stats from the Big Bear MLS.  Sales remained strong with fairly large increases in average $/sqft for Lakefronts, Big Bear City, Moonridge, and Sugarloaf.  Also, the average sales price remained over 100% of asking price for all areas we track, except Lakefronts.  Looking at the long-range forecast, we’re hoping […]
Big Bear Real Estate December 2021 Big Bear Real Estate Statistics/Inventory by Price Happy New Year! Well, we survived another holiday season up here in Big Bear!  With Christmas and New Year’s Day both being on weekends and with some fresh snow thrown in-between for good measure, it was extra crazy up here this year, but that was great for vacation rental owners and other businesses, of course!  […]
Big Bear Real Estate March 2021 Big Bear Real Estate Stats Well, another winter season has come to an end (probably the busiest ever for sales and rentals) and things seem to be returning to some sort of normalcy.  The Big Bear Real Estate inventory has almost doubled in the past 6 weeks (from 62 to 122 Single Family residences), but it’s still only about 1/4 to 1/3 […]
Big Bear Real Estate August 2020 Big Bear Real Estate Statistics/Oktoberest Opens this Weekend! With this crazy summer almost behind us, sales continue at a record pace and the inventory has dropped another 13% from last month to only 146 active single-family residences in the Big Bear MLS!  New properties are still coming on the market, but the inventory is selling faster than it is being replenished; so with […]
Big Bear Real Estate May 2020 Big Bear Real Estate Stats/Big Bear Top Airbnb Destination!! Lots has changed since our last monthly stats email!  They started allowing vacation rentals to operate again on May 15th and most companies are reporting back-to-back rentals for the next several months.  We knew that there would be pent-up demand (both of buyers and renters who were tired of being locked up at home for […]
Big Bear Real Estate December 2019 Big Bear Real Estate Stats/Top 10 Places in US to Buy a Vacation Rental Hi folks! Below are last month’s Big Bear real estate stats for single-family residences.  As you can see, we finished off the decade on a high note, with a relatively large number of sales, especially for  a holiday month. With the large number of sales, this morning’s inventory is down to only 337 properties! As […]
Big Bear Real Estate October 2019 Big Bear Real Estate Stats With only two weeks left until Thanksgiving, our inventory is down to 482 single-family residences.  That is down about 20% already from the annual peak in August and another 10% from last month. As normally happens at this time of year, the inventory will continue to drop through the fall and winter and usually bottoms […]
Big Bear Real Estate August 2019 Big Bear Real Estate Stats Below are last month’s Big Bear Real Estate Single Family residence statistics.  The last full month of summer saw relatively large increases in avg. $/sqft in several areas, but especially in Big Bear Lake.  We also saw increases in the Sales price to List price ratio and decreases in Days on Market (except with Lakefronts, […]
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Big Bear Real Estate December 2018 Big Bear Real Estate Stats Happy New Year!!   With the two weeks around Christmas and New Year’s coming to an end, our “sleepy little town” is looking forward to a little break in the action before the next weekend rolls around.  We haven’t seen the final numbers yet, but for those of us who have lived up here for a […]
Big Bear Real Estate November 2018 Big Bear Real Estate Stats/The Snow is Falling!! Hi folks! Here are last month’s Big Bear Real Estate statistics.  As of this morning, the inventory has dropped to 447 single-family residences in the Big Bear MLS, along with a handful of condos.  If you click on the link for the MLS, you’ll see that we switched our idx providers to a more user-friendly […]
Big Bear Real Estate June 2017 Big Bear Real Estate Stats/What’s Up this Weekend As summer kicks into full gear, we are currently at 538 Single family residences on the market.  Last month, there were a total of 147 sold properties and another 207 in escrow (Pending/Back-up).  As prices continue to rise closer to the Lake and slopes, the more distant areas are increasing even more, with Big Bear […]
Big Bear Real Estate September 2016 Big Bear “Sold” and “Pending/Back-up” Properties Here are last month’s lists of “sold” and “pending/back-up” properties for the month of September. Sales remained strong through September and the number of new listings is balanced out by sales, so the inventory remains about the same as last month at 540 single family residences. 120 Sold: XPROP – Multi Row View 184 Pending/Back-up: […]
Big Bear Real Estate August 2016 Big Bear Real Estate Statistics/What’s Up this weekend As temperatures start to cool, the inventory has fallen to 551 Single family residences already.  That’s about a 10% drop from the peak a month ago. That makes this the last chance of the year to buy a property while there are still a relatively good number of choices and get it on a rental […]
Big Bear Real Estate August 2016 Big Bear “Sold” and “Pending/Back-up” Lists/What’s up for Labor Day Weekend Hi folks! As we head into the unofficial “last weekend of summer”, the Big Bear real estate market has been extremely active and we have already seen our inventory start to drop.  As of this morning, we are down below 600 active single family residence listings already (a combination of a very hot market in […]
Big Bear Real Estate January 2016 Big Bear “Sold” and “Pending/back-up” Properties/What’s Up for Super Bowl weekend With another 8-10in of fresh snow at our local resorts and below-freezing temps for the last few days, we are poised for a very busy couple of weekends in February, including the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, and Presidents’ Day. The single-family residence inventory has already dropped another 10% over the last 2 weeks and is […]
Big Bear Real Estate December 2015 “Sold” and “Pending/Back-up” Properties/Pics from the Recent Snowstorm Hi folks! We got about 2.5ft of new snow here at Lake level over the last 2 days and we’re looking at the best conditions in the last 6 years!  At this point, we’ve already received more than half our average snowfall for the season and more than all of last winter!  Below are the […]
Big Bear Real Estate November 2015 Big Bear Real Estate Stats/Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! Hi folks! We hope this email finds you enjoying a wonderful holiday season!  We’re busy finishing up our most successful year ever and have had a very busy start to the winter season, with several snowstorms and another one expected on Thursday night, just in time for a White Christmas!!  Below are the monthly Big […]
Big Bear Real Estate September 2015 Big Bear Real Estate Stats/Trulia Median Sales Price up 31.3%! Below are the monthly statistics for September 2015.  As you can see, sales continued to be very strong in September.  For more information, please see link to the year-over-year and month-over-month statistics from Trulia/Zillow in the link below the chart. Area #Sales Avg. Sale Avg. $/sqft SP/LP DOM BBC 24 $255,910 $172.56 98%  88 BBL-general […]
Big Bear Real Estate August 2015 Big Bear “Sold” and “Pending” Lists/What’s Up for Labor Day Weekend As we come upon the unofficial last weekend of Summer up here (night-time temps are already dropping into the 30’s and Oktoberfest starts in one week!), sales continue to be very strong and the inventory has dropped further to 590 single-family residences.  The inventory appears to have peaked for the year in August and typically […]
Big Bear Real Estate July 2015 Big Bear Real Estate Stats Here are last month’s statistics for single family home sales in the Big Bear area.  Both average sales prices and average $/sqft continued to be strong in July.  In addition, the Big Bear real estate inventory is currently at 595 single-family residences, which is about 10-15% lower than it was at this time last year.  […]