March 2018 Big Bear Real Estate Stats/IKON Pass Sale ends 5/1

Hi folks! Our local slopes have officially closed for the winter season (mountain biking season is just around the corner), but sales and prices remained strong in March, especially close to the slopes. AREA #SALES AVG. SALES PRICE AVG. $/SQFT … Continue reading

February 2018 Big Bear Real Estate Stats/”Screamin’ Deal” Passes on Sale!

Even with the low inventory, the sales machine keeps chugging along, with further increases in sales price, especially closer to the slopes.  As of this morning, the current inventory of single family residences in the Big Bear MLS still sits … Continue reading

January 2018 Big Bear Real Estate Stats

We hope you’re having a great year so far!  Sorry we haven’t sent out any emails yet this year, but we’ve been in Hawaii for the last 6 weeks “tending to” some vacation rentals that we own out that way.  … Continue reading

November 2017 Big Bear Real Estate Stats/Resorts Open this Weekend!!

Here are last month’s statistics for the Big Bear Real Estate market. The inventory has continued to drop and, as of this morning, there are only 309 Single Family Residences left on the market!  This is lower than we typically … Continue reading

Annual New Year’s Eve Torchlight Parade at Snow Summit

The Annual Torchlight Parade at Snow Summit happens on New Year’s Eve at 8pm.  Make sure to get there early to see the beautiful line of torch-wielding skiers and snowboarders winding their way down Miracle Mile, as they light up … Continue reading

October 2017 Big Bear Real Estate Stats/CA Market Forecast

Hi folks! As we are almost up to the beginning of the Holiday Season, we are down to only 342 Single-family residences left on the market in the Big Bear MLS.  As we have discussed in the past, the inventory … Continue reading

September 2017 Big Bear Real Estate Stats

It’s been a little while because we were gone last month on a cross-country trip to visit family, but here are the most recent statistics for Big Bear real estate single family sales.  Since the acquisition of our local resorts … Continue reading

July 2017 Big Bear Real Estate Stats/Aspen Acquisition Finalized!!

Hi folks! Here are the monthly stats for Big Bear real estate for the month of July. Sales prices continue to rise and are expected to do so even more, especially with the recent purchase of our local resorts by … Continue reading

June 2017 Big Bear Real Estate Stats/What’s Up this Weekend

As summer kicks into full gear, we are currently at 538 Single family residences on the market.  Last month, there were a total of 147 sold properties and another 207 in escrow (Pending/Back-up).  As prices continue to rise closer to … Continue reading

May 2017 Big Bear Real Estate Stats/New MLS auto-emails

Here are last month’s Big Bear Real Estate statistics.  Sales continued strong for the last full month of Spring and the average $/sqft remained elevated in Big Bear Lake and Moonridge following the Aspen and Rathbun Creek/Moonridge Redevelopment project announcements. … Continue reading

April 2017 “Sold” and “Pending/Back-up” Properties Lists/Happy Mother’s Day!!

Hi folks! After receiving our annual “Mother’s Day snow” this past Sunday (the early May/late season snow that we receive almost every year), the weather is warming back up to match the housing market.  Late April was unseasonably warm (both … Continue reading

March 2017 Big Bear Real Estate Stats/Aspen Acquisition!!

Hi folks! Here are last month’s single family residence statistics for the Big Bear area.  As usual for the last month of winter, the emphasis was closer to the slopes and the $/sqft in Moonridge jumped to almost $260/sqft! There … Continue reading

March 2017 Big Bear “Sold” and “Pending” Properties/HGTV Link

Hi folks! Here are last month’s lists of “sold” and “pending/back-up” properties.  Sales in the first month of Spring continued to be very strong and were especially high, given the historically low inventory.   In total, there were over 300 properties … Continue reading

February 2017 Big Bear Stats/Moonridge Improvement Project/New HGTV Show

Here are the Big Bear real estate stats for February 2017.  Although it was a short month, the number of sales remained relatively high.  As usually happens at this time of year, there were significantly more sales closer to the … Continue reading

January 2017 Big Bear “Sold” and “Pending/Back-up” Properties/NEW SEARCH FORMAT

January officially went down as the snowiest January on record up here (surpassing the previous record in 1979) and the record snow has brought record crowds.  That’s not great news for traffic, but it’s fantastic news for vacation rentals, the … Continue reading