July 2019 Big Bear Real Estate Stats

Below are the last month’s Big Bear real estate single-family residence statistics. The number of sales remained high through the month of July.  The number of sales in Moonridge has been surprisingly high for the summer season.  As usually happens at the time of year, the inventory seems to have peaked at about 590 properties.

Area#SalesAvg. SaleAvg. $/sqftSP/LPDOM
BBC30$281,850$228.7397.5% 59
BBL20$394,385$256.0396.6% 92
BBL-Lakefront 1$1,025,000$353.3393.6%180
FAWN 2 $430,000$264.8194.4% 44
FAWN-Lakefront 0     NA   NA  NA NA
FOX 4 $640,875$243.1899.7%189
MOON23 $367,626$270.8197.7% 81
SUGA15 $204,600$228.0496.4% 79

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Posted on August 23, 2019 at 11:00 am
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