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December 2018 Big Bear Real Estate Stats

Happy New Year!!   With the two weeks around Christmas and New Year’s coming to an end, our “sleepy little town” is looking forward to a little break in the action before the next weekend rolls around.  We haven’t seen the final numbers yet, but for those of us who have lived up here for a significant amount of time can tell you, it was the busiest Christmas season we can remember!  I think there were several things that contributed to that:  a good economy, some  well-timed snows (including one early Christmas morning that brought us a beautiful White Christmas), and all the improvements and season passes brought about by Aspen/KSL (the new owners of our local resorts).  As of this morning, our single-family residence inventory in the Big Bear MLS is down to only 412 cabins (about 75% of where it was at the peak last Summer) and continuing to fall. Below are the statistics for the month of December. The total number of sales was a little lower last month, but that is very common for December, as many sellers want to keep a last couple of days at “ultra-prime” rent and many closings get pushed into January because of the holidays and lender/escrow offices being closed.
Area #Sales Avg. Sale Avg.$/sqft SP/LP DOM
BBC 19 $285,461 $212.52 96.5%  96
BBL 14 $467,050 $268.81 96.7% 131
BBL-Lakefront  2 $821,000 $426.23 91.8% 367
FAWN  3 $390,667 $300.35 96.3% 114
FAWN-Lakefront  0     NA   NA  NA  NA
FOX  7 $493,200 $202.36 95.8% 125
MOON 14 $386,921 $263.13 96.8%  64
SUGA  8 $236,863 $195.80 98.1% 109
Have a great weekend!!