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April 2014 Big Bear Real Estate “Sold” and “Pending” Properties

Hi folks!
We’re finally back in town after a trip to the Caribbean and almost all caught up, at last!  While we were gone, we got one more decent end-of-the-season snow; but more importantly, we returned to an inventory that had swelled quite a bit (almost 40%) since February.  This tends to happen every year as sellers try to “have their cake and eat it too”.  Many (especially close to the resorts), will vacation-rent their homes all winter season, then put them on the market as soon as the resorts close to see what they can get for them this year.  The inventory of single-family homes is still relatively low (only about 500 on the market in the entire valley); but it’s still up quite a bit from the historic low of about 360 a few months ago. Many of these sellers are not particularly serious (they set them at sort of a “make me move” price, as we see with many of the homes on the market up here – being primarily second homes/investment properties that don’t “need” to be sold); but it does force the sellers who need to sell to be a little more competitive because of the increased inventory/competition.  For these reasons, this time of year is almost always the best time to pick up a home close to the resorts (Moonridge & the Snow Summit area).
Over-all, the Big Bear real estate market continues to be strong, with 91 properties sold last month and another 154 in escrow:
In Escrow (pending/back-up):
XPROP – Multi Row View
Have a great week!