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Big Bear Dec. 2010 Sales Stats

As you probably know, the 330 is closed below Running Springs due to damage caused by all the rain about 2 weeks ago.   There are still 3 ways up the mtn. (Hwy 18 through Lucerne Valley, Hwy 38 through Redlands, and Hwy 18 through Crestline).   Of the three, the 38 is usually the quickest from the south (San Diego, Orange County, etc.); but the 18 through Lucerne Valley has the least turns and is usually the best route from the north (Las Vegas, Victorville, Barstow, Santa Clarita, etc).   The contract to fix the 330 has already been awarded, but current estimates are that it will take about a year to get it re-opened.   Living up here full-time we never used the 330 anyways because it always seemed to be the slowest way up and down with the most curves, so the closure has been a good way to teach visitors what they have said up here for years, which is “east is least” in regards to traffic and length of trip (both the 38 and Hwy 18 through Lucerne lead to the east end of our valley).

Below are the monthly sales stats from the Big Bear MLS for single-family homes in December.   According to Trulia, Big Bear Lake showed a 2.0% increase in median sales price year-over-year for the quarter ending in December.

Area Total Sales #Sales Avg. Sale Total Sqft Avg. $/sqft
BBC $4,511,800 23 $196,165 33,083 $136.38
BBL $4,045,300 14 $288,950 26,037 $155.37
FAWN $1,304,000 5 $260,800 7,096 $183.76
FOX $1,988,400 5 $397,680 13,424 $148.12
MOON $4,596,900 18 $255,383 26,392 $174.17
SUGA $2,328,025 18 $129,335 18,830 $123.64
Lakefront $4,554,000 7 $650,571 13,971 $325.96

There were also two more properties (one each in Big Bear Lake and Moonridge) that were basically tear-downs according to the listing agents and sold for around the value of the land, so I did not include them or they would have skewed the data incorrectly.