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Big Bear Real Estate July Sales Stats

Area $Total Sales #Sales $Avg. Sale Total Sqft Avg. $/Sqft
BBC 2,240,800 13 172,369 17,645 126.99
BBL 5,831,050 20 291,552 33,334 174.88
FOX 2,292,910 6 382,152 14,379 159.46
MOON 2,002,800 9 222,533 11,920 168.02
SUGA 651,400 5 130,280 5,490 118.65
FAWN 569,000 2 284,500 3,752 151.65

As promised, here are the single-family residence total sales, avg. sales, and avg. $/sqft for July.   As I mentioned in my last e-mail, the data from our MLS seems to be quite a bit more accurate than what we were getting from the title company.   In addition, it breaks out Fox Farm, Moonridge, etc, properly; so it really gives a better idea of value in those individual areas.   Following usual seasonal trends, you can see that areas close to the lake sell more (and for higher dollars) in the summer and those closer to the slopes sell less (where the peak market is winter).     There was also one lakefront that sold for $1,535,000 in Fawnskin at a $/sqft of $279.90, which is less than the avg. $/sqft for a lakefront in Big Bear Lake, but still not bad…